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CJ Port Aspire (Beach City)..Still WIP (Repost No PS)

City of partying in the luxurious beaches.

  1. Third Update of my city.

    Hi Guys! This is my third update on my city. And it is getting bigger! Population is nearly 3,000,000 million people now. More bus lines have been started, a bullet train service is almost complete, brand new malls have been built and many more. And this is my first time i've used photoshop to add real life pics to the photos. Hope you enjoy it okay? I've just learned how to do it and im not yet a pro.

    Here They are...

    City view from a Boeing 757 window. This Delta Airlines Boeing 757 is...
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  2. 2nd Update Of Port Aspire

    Okay, here is the second update. Its more on the airport, its expanding development, a military base built, more highways and much more.

    Here it is!! I Hope you guys would like it!!

    Hawaiian and Iberia Boeing 737's at Concourse A/B. The First 737 is Hawaiian's 10th Boeing 737 and Boeing's 8,000th 737 delivered.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_6.jpg
    Adidas billboard at Shinjuku Park Mall with two more billboards on the top left. They are seen near the mall's entrance.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_13.jpg ...
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  3. More Photos of Port Aspire

    Here are more photos of Port Aspire. Currently i have lack of time to capture some pics. However, i will try to post more and more

    Here They Are...

    Former United Airlines Boeing 747 turned into a restaurant, similar to Pan Am's N747PA. This Aircraft was built in 1987 and was retired in 2014. As of 2015, this aircraft has been a restaurant.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_18.jpg

    A Large United States Air Force and United States Army military base 5 miles north of the airport (location exaggerated...
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