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CJ Saltlake David imminent expansion

Saltlake David imminent expansion

  1. benhur1967
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    A new bulletin regarding recent addictions to an old town becoming modern and modern.

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_61.jpg
    Everything began with a bridge crossing a big lake. This is where cars and lorries arrive at Marina Grande starting from the industrial pole of Saltlake David
    (refer to: CJ - The old town of Saltlake David)

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_37.jpg
    Just behind the Baroque Church of Marina Grande, there's the bus depot

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_93.jpg
    View of the main street in the historical centre of Saltlake David

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_115.jpg
    An efficient bus service connects Marina Grande and the center of Saltlake David to Nicky's Placid Lake, where is a pleasant holiday village

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_48.jpg
    One of the beach resorts of Nicky's Placid Lake. Even when the weather is not so good this place offers emotional views of the big lake

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_102.jpg
    The pier

    Passengers have to possibilities now:

    • using the big iron bridge connecting Saltlake David to Marina Grande (refer to: CJ - The old town of Saltlake David)
    • using the XXIX Century bridge connecting Nicky's Placid Lake to Saltlake David
      (see picture above the two-bridge-intersection)
    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_86.jpg

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_36.jpg
    At the begining of its history, Nicky's Placid Lake was a little outpost of Greek-Venetian pirates. The white Lake Chapel dates back to that period and is renown for its blue small dome

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_0.jpg
    This area has become a quiet and elegant residential area

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_104.jpg cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_105.jpg
    Nicky's Placid Lake has now a modern multiplex provided with a parking

    Check for the forthcoming updates

    Thank you for coming!

Recent Reviews

  1. cuco
    J'aime bien, il y a une vraie atmosphère ici.
    1. benhur1967
      Author's Response
      Merci beaucoup!
  2. Vyacheslav
    This is quiet and interesting city! I would like to live in this city.
  3. Rodyna
    Too much style in one city. English, Greek, France, American etc.
    There is no unified cityscape.
    1. benhur1967
      Author's Response
      One nation, one world for everyone. That's the sense of all!
  4. needspeed17
    good,i think the city have a history