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Changes Side By Side Citylinks 1.2

Place citylinks close to each other, four sizes to choose from

  1. Construction and maintenance costs removed

    Construction and maintenance costs removed as asked by @kipate
    Should of done this at the start as I noticed my money going faster than I could make it in my competition city :D

    Note: Make all your connections and then remove the patch. This way you will have no issues building roads near the edge of the map.
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  2. Reduced "snap to map edge" to 25

    I found I was having problems building roads near the map edge so found the files controlling the snap. It's now at 25 and makes running roads near the map edge simple. It also solves the problem with the collision box.
    Also updated is the collision box sizes. Now all of them are at 4,4

    Picture below shows how close you can get now before the road snaps.

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