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CJ Silver Valley

Futuristic utopia

  1. RedZone19
    Hey, good to know you're still creating CJs. Reminds me a lot of the city from Crackdown 3. Well done mate :)
    1. XOUSTE
      Author's Response
      Also good to see you still active online!
  2. Emanuel Almeida
    Emanuel Almeida
    Hello, everything is wonderful, congratulations! It reminds me of a Star Wars city. Where do I get these beautiful buildings and other constructions? Thank you.
    1. XOUSTE
      Author's Response
      Hi there, thanks ! Lots of assets and mods are subscribed on Steam workshop, I can't list all of the assets that have used in this city but you can go to the workshop of Cities:Sklines to search an author named: Quad Rioters.
  3. Nairobi's light and dark
    Nairobi's light and dark
  4. JuanAcadé
    I'm not a fan of futuristic cities, but I like the idea and the landscape is epic!
  5. Inan
    As a fan of Sciene Fiction movies your city definitely is a great showplace. I love that hologram advertising thing above the city and the futuristic decorations, the beach areas and the street level pictures! Thank you for watching this!