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CJ Space Port Kazantip

My fascination with science fiction led me to the desire to build such a city.

  1. Bedingfield
    Great futuristic style.Look forward to your masterpiece,maybe you can build some air corridor
    1. lexflame
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for your feedback! I was thinking over the ideas of the air corridor, but it has not yet formed into a simple concept.
  2. kipate
    Good work on the journal, I like your futuristic vibe! I love how you ordered the layout of the city, well planned! But sometimes, the choice of buildings looks a bit randomized, which is confusing given the named order of the streets in general. Also, you may reconsider your micromanagement. Maybe add some more (sense-making) decorations.

    Fine work on the models, if I may say so. Do they obey the standards for mods regarding the size? If so, why not publish them? ;)
    1. lexflame
      Author's Response
      Of course, in the next 2 weeks I got the building out. Now I'm working on two questions as to them, this: the correctness of their placement relative to the tags, for myself I made them all in the transport section-> long-distance messages, also there is the question of normals and night lighting.

      Especially for the models taken from Anno, for them in the original game does not provide a layer of lighting. Those models that I did myself are almost ready.