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CJ The city of New Sytan

Bustling, industrious, rational.

  1. heonetsung
    ■ This city is meant to show an Asia city of thriving ecnomic, high density population together with some city problems. The already-known issues such as repetition of structures, nimiety of landmarks, strange messy high rises in some places, etc, will be explained. Please forgive me for the different road texture collors. It happens when the city is 60% done. I don't know how to avoid it without crashing down the game....
    ■ I put personal interest of reality thinking in this game. Guys can ignore that part or give opinions if you find anything not reasonable.
    ■ After all, this city is built within 3 months.... Details cannot be lovely so throw your eggs at me, buddies:p

    City Data
    ■ Location: Northe east in United Republic of Asia
    ■ Subordinating cities/towns: NSC, Port of Sytan, WizarNotch, etc
    ■ Climate: Temperate monsoon climate
    ■ Population(million):
    --> Registered residents: 12.68
    ----> Urban: 0.38
    ----> Suburban: 11.75
    ----> Rural: 0.55
    --> Average daytime commute summit: 13.84
    ----> Travellers per year: 11.33
    -----> Tourists: 8.58
    -----> Bussiness & commerce: 1.69
    -----> Others: 1.06
    --> Illegal estimated: 0.40
    ■ Administration Area(km^2): 2300
    --> NSC: 1100
    --> Port of Sytan: 60
    --> WizarNotch: 470
    --> Others including natural area: 670
    Welcome to The City of New Sytan.
    The City of New Sytan on planet XXL is the remake of the old Sytan on XL. Some NSC concepts are inherited from the original city. If you are interested, the old Sytan is here: http://xlnation.city/resources/city-sytan-find-what-you-want-here.1214/.
    Damn Damn Damn!
    Uploading progress bar JAM JAM JAM!
    Still updating....

    SatView.jpg Me and my little stupid computer.... Sat view losts too many details....
    The idea of planting green things within the city is to ensure citizens can WALK there. So the parks and plazas are medium size and kind of simple compared to those big complex ones in other CJs. But they do have the advantage in quantity.
    Below is the city's largets culture activity area which is filled with mesuems, theaters and some other kinds of halls alike. You may feel landmark clustering but I mean to express the city pay extra attention with high cost to enrich the spiritual life of the citizens. Anyway, the city is not built long enough ago and the cultural deposit cannot be abundant. Every year the Department of Culture spends a lot of resource on event holding, collection exchanging, infomation communicating with other great cities in the world. And AT Kearny's city ranking also emphasizes on the museum affect on attracting people to the city. This is the Calture and History Museum of Sytan, one of the largest three museums in th city.
    And this is the Olympic plaza as well as Sytan Nature Science Palace, which is the second one of the three museums. In 2008 the city held her first summer Olymplic event here in order to make a temparory ecnomic boost by tourism and further more to raise the popularity of the city.
    The below two have the lowest densities in the city. Here live some of the richest elites and the rich middle class. For the greatest cities in the world, land prices are extremly high because of the market effect as well as the lack of new land. Even masions or villas sometimes are built wall to wall. So if you wish to have more trees between the houses while don't want to live in apartments, you will certainly pay much more than others.
    Another aspect of the afforestation in Sytan is that many parts are not easily accessible even right next to high density areas. Trees are extremly high and under those arbors there are bushes, grasses and finally mosses until you reach the solid ground. Although generally we use area per person to level how natural a city is, the grass that people sometimes lay on enjoying the sunshine can not compare to the fully vertically developped plant room in the ways like sunlight coverage (that decreases temperature to fight against city heat island effect), negative oxygen ion production, surface ground water holding, economical variety and etc.
    North of "the Bank of Greed". Sytan's bussiness area doesn't like other cities. The area where bussiness takes places is long and thin along the River of Sytan, thus cannot be named as CBD. All bussiness districts developped during different ages now mess up together as a whole which you cannot tell which is the real city center if only judging by the building's hight.
    This is the thrid museum of the three largest, Industry and Engineering Museum of Sytan. It is not that nicely looking but it adds to the function of the city and the gear'n'hammer pattern in the open exhibition area also indicates the tough industry power of this city.
    The none-stop highway and expressway system in NSC is amazingly functional. In fact, after watching all the leading cites in the world, you can say that it is the most heavily operational (but not that beautiful) city traffic desigh on the planet. And for a city with this population, traffic jams are certainly happening on some main roads and gateways between general roads and highways.
    You can see there are three longitude and five latitude lines of this system in the city. There is also an extra longitude line in the southwest where actually belongs to the great industry circle between NSC and the Port of Sytan. Also there's another longitude part in the east and southeast of the city as this area is the oldest part of the city where during those days even 4-lane roads are rare so now new express are built to solve the problem.
    Interchanges are not lovely, but they do solve the problems. If I ignore the smooth turnings and the pillars on the roads below, I can build them much more quickly to make up the amount. Sytan highways are basicly 6-lane, 8-lane or 10-lane, with 4-lane around the city's edge. And there are 12-lane ways in the west of the city where industry area is seated and in the middle of the city where there is bussiness area.
    RoadNetwork2.jpg RoadNetwork3.jpg RoadNetwork4.jpg RoadNetwork5.jpg RoadNetwork6.jpg RoadNetwork7.jpg RoadNetwork8.jpg RoadNetwork9.jpg RoadNetwork10.jpg RoadNetwork11.jpg RoadNetwork12.jpg RoadNetwork13.jpg
    BusyTraffic1.jpg BusyTraffic2.jpg BusyTraffic3.jpg BusyTraffic4.jpg BusyTraffic5.jpg BusyTraffic6.jpg BusyTraffic7.jpg BusyTraffic8.jpg BusyTraffic9.jpg BusyTraffic10.jpg BusyTraffic11.jpg BusyTraffic12.jpg BusyTraffic13.jpg BusyTraffic14.jpg BusyTraffic15.jpg BusyTraffic16.jpg BusyTraffic17.jpg BusyTraffic18.jpg BusyTraffic19.jpg BusyTraffic20.jpg
    As not much resource of tourism, NSC only has a pathetic number of a little more than 8 million sight seers every year comparing to those top travelling destinations such as 50m Big Apple or 30m London and Paris. Although bussiness travel in NSC is remarkable higher than most of the others, the International Airport of Sytan still cannot match its companions all around the world on passenger carrying. However, it is still one of the bussiest in the world because Sytan is a terribly large industry city where meterials and products pour in or out.
    The secondary one in NSC is the Old City District International Airport. This one helps some other short or medium flights both in and out of the country, and basicly it is a passenger airport.
    This is the large new train station together with the cargo yard in the new city district. It is the most important way for many short or long way travellers such as super commute party or domestic bussiness people, and for the industry delivery.
    This I steal from my XL Sytan. I mean to build like this once the overpass and the rail packs are available.
    And here is the over looking of the old center train station in the old bussiness district. Railways here go underground like the Big Apple until they reach the outside of the city.
    Amazingly, the academic education contribution to the city's GDP is over 5% which is almost the largest income group by detailed income variety (But it is also one of those which burn the most of cash).
    Academic1.jpg Academic2.jpg Academic3.jpg Academic4.jpg Academic5.jpg Academic6.jpg Academic7.jpg Academic8.jpg Academic9.jpg Academic10.jpg Academic11.jpg Academic13.jpg Academic14.jpg Academic15.jpg Academic16.jpg Academic12.jpg
    As you see in the General City Data section, the majority of the citizens live in the suburban area. This area is mostly made of basic high density (around 15 floors or 50m) and medium density. Many of the working class and some young people who just start their career intend to live here and it covers the largets part of the city's ground.
    The south part of the suburban is the oldest part of the city and it is one of the nearest residence areas along the hwy to the industry circle.
    Overlooking the middle east of the city. This is the largest single style constuction area which is mostly built during the population's flooding in around the first industry revolution. These buildings are old and many people who are not ver wealthy live in this area, thus population density is the highest, counting 25000 persons per km^.
    The whole north of the city is also very densy. The workers here can drive along the north city hwy to the second industry circle in WizarNotch.
    Before the 1970s, city kept focusing expanding along the east bank of the River of Sytan. And now the city has to find new area since people are still coming into the city. Thus new city district in the west was raised. At first people still intend to live in the troditional areas and some of the west bank became ghost town. The mayor at that time sent people into some countries in east Asia to find out how to hold mass population within limited ground. Thus you will see many duplicated apartments are now gethering together. The saving on the cost of design and metrial (and also time) soon wins the battle of people's concern between financial situation and character caring. Plusing that the early high class apartments along the river where just one click away from the "Bank of Greed" also draw the attention from some of the riches, as well as the infrastructures the goverment invest on, now the new city district has the 2nd largest population density of abount 20000 people per km^2. You will tell the city's west edge by the forest and as well as the big water reservary lake of city's industry.
    ResidenceDensityDeplyment3.jpg ResidenceDensityDeplyment4.jpg
    Low density: two sides of the coin. Well, people certainly wish to live in a single house with gardens and fresh air. That you can also have in the Sytan's rural area.
    Morning, Sytan!
    The rain is comming.
    However, people need work. If their employment is far from where they live it will certainly worsen the traffic situation especially during the rush hour! Unfortunatly, people who can afford a villa usually works in the office downtown and their pride of owning private vehicld, as well as the difficulty for public transport coverage in the low density area, all add to the greatest trouble of traffic jam. ResidenceDensityDeplyment8.jpg ResidenceDensityDeplyment9.jpg ResidenceDensityDeplyment10.jpg ResidenceDensityDeplyment11.jpg ResidenceDensityDeplyment12.jpg ResidenceDensityDeplyment13.jpg ResidenceDensityDeplyment14.jpg ResidenceDensityDeplyment15.jpg ResidenceDensityDeplyment16.jpg ResidenceDensityDeplyment17.jpg ResidenceDensityDeplyment18.jpg
    The urban district is the core area of Sytan. Basicly here are those offices and big stores thus only 380 thousand live here. But during the daytime, over 5 million will fill this area as 40% of the city's employment exits here and travellers for bussiness, tourism and other factors also add to this big march. Plusing that high rise is always the mark of human pride, power, wealth and things alike, the buildings within Sytan's urban district is no doubt the highest and the dentiest in the world.
    So the north of the "Bank of Greed" is built after the 1950s and 1970s when international business rises globally. It is built along the river. The bank is decorated by parks where buildings meet the river but in the area where there are bridges above and people are not likely to approach, original forests are kept. They are not beautiful to look from the sky, but functional to the afforestation. (From the mystrious voice outside screen: Isn't it because you are too lazy to make parks? :p)
    And here is the old business area built before the 1910s and around 1930s. Although some may be a little modern, most of the buildings are old and also kind of messy just like the NYC. I know many guys will complain about this, but I think this is more real since we do have the need of mass density requirment. The old area is much deeper into the inner land because the bank was still used for industry around the 1940s and was not improved into parks until the 1970s when advanced countries all began their "Deindustrilization".
    But the requirement of bussiness area is still rising since the Asia's ecnomic grows faster and larger. During the intersection of the centuries, the original midtown in the north is assigned to develop new commerce district. Now we already have 4 or 5 high offices in the area to make it look like CBD, but perhaps in the future these landmarkers will also be overrun just like their ancesters on the south part of the bank.
    But thanks to the wide streets and plazas, you won't find too much depressive feelings when you wish to find te sky.
    ResidenceDensityDeplyment22.jpg ResidenceDensityDeplyment23.jpg ResidenceDensityDeplyment24.jpg ResidenceDensityDeplyment25.jpg
    Population classes in NSC are: R1 16%, R2 33%, R3 34%, R4 17%. Taxing rates: 10%, 12%, 25%, 30%. Satisfaction 92%, 90%, 79%, 83% (I guess this should go half for the reality and the number is reasonable if there are two major parties in the political field).
    The oval shaped class constitution in NSC is not by accident. Unlike other metroplis competitors, NSC has a large part of secondary industry filling the whole income. After the 1960s (or later 1970s) almost every famous large city in the world began to push those factories out of the city to the far small towns or even out of the country to reduce the polution and the workforce costs. However, NSC didn't go too far on that. People in URA always believe that being industrious is the best way to approach wealth. For strategy safety of the country, many basic dirty heavy industries like petrol or mineral chemical, metal forging remain in the city's southwest part which now is the Port of Sytan. Some heavy manufacotring factories like vehicle making, ship crafting, machinery equipment and device doing are also in the area. Meanwhile, other polutive things (some even are high-tech) like electronical chips, medecines, large molecular materials are located in the northeast WizarNotch. Within the main city, there are optics factories, infantry equipment, industry robots factories. The total tier 2 income of the city takes about 29% of the whole budget. Since no farming areas around NSC, all the other part belongs to servicing industries including finance, banking, insurance, law advicing, bussiness consulting, commerce, advertising, mass media, land estate, education, health care and so on.
    Different lookings of the same city. Bustling skyscrapers and busy large gray factories!
    Generally, R3 and R4 and some of the irch R2 classes make up the middle class of NSC. The intelligence tanks believe this strongest middle class in the city will make a good example to the nation on the balance between tier2 and tier3 industries. Reports (in the true world) already show that tier 2 industry maintains a steady (and even rich) working class. When the factories require many skilled workers, the detailed manufacturing procedures boosts a lot of small scaled high tech firms or service offices where most R3 are employed. This rich middle class has a strong demand on consumption and this demand will feedback the factories, so the good cycle begins. Scholars also reveal that in the history the lack of this group also contributes a lot ot the fall of the two greatest empires in the Western history - Rome and British. During those times, the total wealth of the nation goes to only the richest but the majority of the country remains poor then average capital competition power will no longer have the advantages among the new rising world. The financial storm that recently happens also shows that focusing only on the top wealth may be good looking on the face but when trouble hits it also can be very awkward. Thus the US is calling back for "reindustrilization" (This is not a new topic. Even since maybe the late 1960s that deindustrialization began, voices against this trend kept advocating something similiar to reindustrilization) and Europe has something alike such as "Industry 4.0". This may also explain why under the depressive global envirment the Europe ecnomic now relies a lot on the industrious Germans.
    gamescreen0043.jpg gamescreen0117.jpg gamescreen0107.jpg gamescreen0118.jpg
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    I wonder about performance and crashes. Do you confirm it's possible to build this huge city without lag problems?
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      XXL is better than XL on performance indeed. Population 9 million on XXL can be as good as 3 million on XL. And I am using AMD A8-7600 with 8G RAM on this. I think Intel platform can do better.
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      Boxy it is! HAHA!
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    Im gonna go with 3 stars. I believe that is fair.. you are warming up so this isn't a masterpiece. I do love the street grid, I don't see Asian but rather Canadian/Australian (street grid only, not building placement) My advice is to slow down on the freeways (rhm) even if you are building a quick city. A lot of your curves and bends are clunky looking, in my opinion. You have so many unneeded intersections in your freeways.. if you would just use the bridge (rhm) tool from connector (ramp pieces) to connector piece, you won't have to have as many of those ugly rhm intersections that happen from ground to bridge. All in all, I think it's a great city for the time you put into it. Great job.
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      Thanks, man. I'll note what you mentioned in the future.
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      Thanks for the comment.