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CJ Tremonty

This is Tremonty.

  1. MrPeperonny

    This is Tremonty. Always sunny. Always. Perfect place for tourists to burn their skin.
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    There is a a little beautiful park right next to downtown. And a ferris wheel, yay!
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    Tremonty is not only a place with some high houses. There is a region for the rich poeple. It's called "Marshal Islands".
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    Have you seen the church on Marshal Islands? It's the Saint Philips Church. Isn't it nice?
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    Update #1

    The city of Tremonty ordered a helicopter to make some aerial photos. So far there are only pictures of the downtown area. Pictures of Marshal Island have also been made but they cannot be published yet. Too many fat rich people were swimming nude in their pretentious pools while those photos were shot. Rated-R. But please feel free to enjoy the shots of Downtown:
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    Update #2

    It's video time! Have fun with some breathtaking time lapse shots of Tremonty.
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    To be continued...
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Recent Reviews

  1. Wibi
    A perfect all-American city. Well planned and neatly coordinated. Clean job!
  2. FromGtown215
    Beautiful downtown
  3. veija2
    I thought I had rated this already - nice city design and execution. Well done.
  4. Inan
    I thought i already rated this...
    It seems several mods are already working on CXXL, good balanced city. I understand your win on the city duel competition :-)
  5. romzan31
    Афигеный город забацал
  6. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    This is a pretty good, well-designed city. Could you add a little bit of a story? That would complete this CJ.
  7. yandzz
    Beautiful city, i like it!
  8. Lokentaz
    Great place and funny description.
  9. Jarod camilleri
    Jarod camilleri
    if this is cities XXL how did you get that road texture? the highway billboard, and the las vegas mc mansion pack? Im really eager to get them!
    1. MrPeperonny
      Author's Response
  10. Pamascus27
    I. Want. Moar. :P