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CJ Valaxtine sur Choisille - New Before/After Timelaps : the quay !

Creating a city like a real mayor

  1. New Before/After Timelaps : the quay !!

    Hi everyone ! It's time to post a new update for this city with a new video. Like the previous one (Episode 9) it's a something that i've called a "Before/After Timelaps". I think it's a good way to see the evolution of the city and today i will concentrate on the quay of the city.
    I think this new arrangement for the river sides completly transform the city and bring to it a new identity.
    Again i hope you will like this video because it represents a lot of time of work. So, if it is the case, please share it !!! Thanks in advance !

    And of course a few pictures :


    NB : a little fun fact i wanted to share with you : YouTube disable the monetization on this video because it contains "a controversial subject" or something like that. Well... i don't really know what it controversial in this video. My hypothesis is that the video is called "les quais", witch can be something controversial in France since the major of Paris Anne Hidalgo decided to transform a part of the quay of the river Seine into a pedestrian area.
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