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CJ Valaxtine sur Choisille - New Before/After Timelaps : the quay !

Creating a city like a real mayor

  1. New Before/After Timelaps : the quay !!

    Hi everyone ! It's time to post a new update for this city with a new video. Like the previous one (Episode 9) it's a something that i've called a "Before/After Timelaps". I think it's a good way to see the evolution of the city and today i will concentrate on the quay of the city.
    I think this new arrangement for the river sides completly transform the city and bring to it a new identity.
    Again i hope you will like this video because it represents a lot of time of work. So, if it is the...
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  2. BRT Update

    Hi everyone, before the next big video (which will come next week), i want to show you my first BHNS. But what is this ?? BHNS is a french acronym to say High Level of Service Buses ("Bus à Haut Niveau de Services" in french). I don't know if there is an other translation in english (BRT maybe ? - Bus Rapid Transit ?), but i think it's not so hard to understand the concept. I few words, it's a bus which has the priority at crossing and which has a dedicated path on road.

    So I decided to...
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