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CJ Wellington Metropolitan Region

The progressive, modern region with a rich history.

  1. Update 2

    Update 3
    Aerial view of the suburban sprawl


    Like any other cities, Wellington has an urban sprawl that extends 50 kilometres north-west away from the peninsula where the Central Business District is located. Greater Wellington has four major urban centres - in order of its size, density and economic significance - Wellington CBD, Stockport, Croydon and Fyshwick.

    Between the late 1780s and 1840s, Wellington and...​
  2. Aerial Photograph of Wellington City Centre

    This aerial photograph, which was taken by a drone in July 2018, shows the Central Business District and the inner city suburbs such as King's Cross, Newtown and Randwick.

    Please consider this as a teaser. I will upload a proper update later.
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