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Transportation Xsquared's Big Bridge Pack 1.13

A big bridge pack of three smaller bridge-packs and one new beta bridge - adds 25 new bridges to CXL

  1. removed tags.cfg, added beta tram bridge

    Removed tags.cfg from this installation, now you can just extract the archive to your paks folder! This will avoid confusion for xxl users!
    Choose which files you want to use. You can use all four at the same time.
    Tags.cfg V1.0 is now dependency for this mod!
    Also added a Beta Tram Bridge, includes one new model for 10m and 15m roads/tracks
  2. us-highway bridge readded

    just corrected a little mistake...
    highway bridge is now available again when using us roads
    dont forget to remove "MrX2 BigBridgePack V1.1" from your paks/mods folder ;)
  3. menu order fixed

    adjusted construction and upkeep-costs
    this will fix the order in menu :)

    delete folder "MrX2 BigBridgePack V1.0" in paks/mods/
    and follow installation instructions on overview page to install v1.1

    adjusted costs:
    10m - 200 construction - 10 upkeep
    15m - 300 - 20
    20m - 600 - 30
    25m - 800 - 40
    30m - 1600 - 80
    40m - 3500 - 175
    45m - 4000 - 200
    50m - 5000 - 225
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  4. compatibility with cxxl with community mod 1.9

    This mod is NOW "compatible" (means it doesnt crash the game) with CXXL, but 50m bridges are without roads (by standard, you may want to try upgrade menu) and pedestrian bridges not choosable in menu.
    Make sure to install the latest Community Mod V1.9 or above!!
    Otherwise your game will crash on startup!!

    I'll do a CXXL-Version when NEXL-Trams are available for CXXL :)
    You will then find this version in "XXLEX"-Section here....​
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