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Game Play XLN User Interface Mod for Cities XXL with extra options.

Discussion in 'Game Play Support and Other' started by sadiemydog, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. sadiemydog

    sadiemydog Executive

    Nov 19, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Hey guys I don't wanna spam the forum full with User Mod Requests but there is something I think it's really necessary to maintain Cities XXL popularity.

    I am a user with a hiatus over 4 years and it had some reasons.
    My main reason behind my long hiatus is that I've found out that Cities XXL and Cities XL with UIM have totally different interface. Many interfaces don't exists at all and it lacks possibility to use both Cities XXL and XL mods.
    My old Cities XL mod map got 1.307 mods. While my new Cities XLL mod map just around 811 mods. This means 496 mods are still unable to enter Cities XXL under current interface.

    I hope the User Interface Mod will make a come back with both the new CitiesXXL architecture troggle bar and the UIM interface.

    The few changes
    +Add an additional bridge and road menu for the unsorted bridges who can't be fit into a menu.
    +Increase population of standard CitiesXXL buildings with 1,4x.
    +Increase amouth of eglible modded maps up to a 1000. Or atleast 500 if that's a more realistic amouth.
    +All maps automatically have all rescources.
    +Eglible to add new road texture menu's so all the existing road retextures could be changed into additional road textures without the cost of an existing road texture.
    +Able to use all eglible road textures in one map. For example English roads and US roads in one map. Default roads and German roads in the other map.
    +Cheat that ends bankrupcty for every T3 and exceptional menu building you can set on and off.
    +Cheat that will make you have a positive financial rent for your city.
    +Eglible to use 20x20 and 40x40 km maps.
    +Eglible to add multiple bus/metro/trams/train companies to compete in one city. Each with there own texture of vehicles. Simulair what you see in many countries such as in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands or Germany.
    +Intercity Links can be build everywhere. Already inplanted after you installed the UIM mod like this.

    Anyways thank for reading.
    Thanks in advance.

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